What Tools Do You Need to Play Retro Games

What can be more exciting than playing your favorite old-classic games on modern computers or smartphones? And that’s not a dream, it’s a reality! If you are feeling nostalgic for retro console games, you don’t need to spend your precious time and money trying to find this gaming console on eBay. All that you need is to download a few tools: an emulator, a PS1 BIOS, and ROM files.

The thing is that every year, thousands of retro game titles are considered unplayable as old gaming consoles, from Nintendo to  PlayStation 1, stop operating. The world doesn’t stand still. New gaming devices hit the market regularly and old tools pass into oblivion. This is where the use of emulators might come in handy! Their overriding purpose is to allow gamers to play old classic ROMs on modern platforms. Some emulators are suitable for Windows only, whereas others are powerful multi-platform solutions with a wide array of superb features. Unfortunately, some emulators aren’t easy to set up, but these tools are considered the best options for old-school gaming nostalgia. Let’s take a closer look at what emulators you should use and how to set them up.

What Is a PlayStation BIOS File?

Before you download an emulator and immerse yourself in the gameplay, let’s take a closer look at the basics. A BIOS file (Basic Input Output System) is a mandatory component that makes your emulator work. Both an emulator and a BIOS file are inseparable parts and don’t exist without each other. Therefore, after you download an emulator, you need to check if it includes a BIOS file. If no, you need to download it separately from romshub.com. It’s a useful platform where you can find everything to make retro gaming easier. Beware that emulators don’t work without BIOS files.

Moreover, before you start running ROM files through an emulator, you need to check if an emulator has the correct BIOS type. If you see that it doesn’t work properly, you need to download the correct BIOS file from romshub.com. A wide array of useful tools for retro gaming is stored there. 

What Emulators to Use to Play PS1 Games?

As we have already mentioned, you need a powerful emulator that you can install on your computer and run old-classic games through it. Let’s take a closer look at the emulators that you need to use.


This emulating program is suitable for Windows and Linux. It’s a powerful multi-system program that can easily emulate the original PlayStation engine. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t have a graphical interface. Therefore, setting things up may be time-consuming. Sometimes, gamers need to spend some time installing a BIOS file separately.

However, this emulator supports a wide array of features, including rewind, save states, cheat codes, screen filters, video recording, netplay, controller connectivity, screenshots, and hotkey mapping. Though this emulator is not easy to install, it guarantees consistent results.


It’s an all-in-one front end with a few emulator cores built into a user-friendly interface. Thanks to this tool, you can easily play any game without the necessity to deal with other complicated emulators. This tool is suitable for macOS. It also has a game library. However, you can run any ROM file through it. If necessary, you can also add various filters, make screenshots, configure controllers, etc. Setup is also easy.

You can also use RetroArch and PCSX2 emulators to run old-classic games on your computer.

Overall, following these pieces of advice, you can jump into the world of retro gaming right away! Download ROM files, an emulator, and a BIOS file from romshub.com and enjoy playing your favorite retro games! As you can see, the process of BIOS and emulator installation is not as difficult as it may seem to be!